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Competent Real Estate Attorneys are the most critical legal professionals to contact before you make a real estate investment in Costa Rica. There is only one chance to do it right.

As Immigration Attorneys we give our clients VIP service thru the entire process to obtain legal residency. We have a 100% success rate. Contact Us first!

Glenda Burke-Quirós, LLM, is an Attorney and Notary, a member of the Costa Rica Bar Association. We specialize in obtaining legal residency, real estate closings and guide our clients in forming corporations, recording real estate title conveyances, estate planning, and inheritance matters.

The law office is located in San Rafael de Heredia, overlooking the capital city of San José. We speak English. Wir sprechen Deutsch. On parle Français.

Email: / Phone: 011 506 2267 6645

Our clients are usually North American or European individuals or families seeking real estate legal advice and due diligence tasks for projected real estate acquisitions along with legal residency in Costa Rica. We look at issues such as clear road access, utilities, environmental law limitations, land use regulations, building regulations, adverse possession, and possible boundary conflicts, among others.

Once a real estate transaction is ready to go, we recommend using Central Bank registered trust account and escrow services to retain control of the transaction until closing. We often form business corporations as part of a real estate investment or as part of purchasing or starting a business in Costa Rica. Construction contracts can be included as a follow up or as part of the property purchase process.

Legal Residency in Costa Rica is an area in which we offer our clients complete services. Our clients do not have to deal with government bureaucracy in CR on their own. A careful analysis of each client’s situation is always done before recommending options for legal immigration to Costa Rica. We advise and guide our clients through the entire process until obtaining residency status and their ID Card (DIMEX).

In Estate Planning, we advise on a range of options including personally tailored title holding corporations, wills, and legal protections particular to Costa Rica Law.

Email: / Phone: 011 506 2267 6645